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b. 1986, HK.

Self portrait, Copenhagen 2017

Self portrait, Copenhagen 2017

I am a designer, thinker, and team builder interested in emerging technologies, the intersection of the material and the digital, mission-critical and special-case interaction design, and the needs of humans at all points on the age spectrum. At Night & Day Studios I worked on over 60 apps that have been played 100 million times worldwide. As the power of handheld devices has increased and the app market has matured, I continue to be drawn to new emerging technologies and the relationships they enable. I want to research what’s working, analyze what’s not, and push the boundaries of what’s possible.


Select CLIENTS & Partners

Silvergate Media
American Greetings
Gibbs Smith
McGraw Hill
Kid Made Modern
Potion Interactive

More Clients & Partners

Sesame Workshop
Kid Made Modern
Mattel / HIT Entertainment
Warner Bros.
Eric Carle
Ed Emberley


Reality Virtually Hackathon at MIT Media Lab 2019 


Kidscreen Summit 2016
App Licensing: The Seven-Year Itch

Book Expo of America 2012
Digitizing Your Content Panel


Brianne is a talented designer focused on details, objectives and usability. Working with Brianne was fantastic and I am looking forward to opportunities in the future to work together.
— Ethan Smith-Gilespie / CEO at The Program
While working with Brianne I had a high level of confidence in the quality of what we were delivering. This was due to her exceptional skills in organizing a new concept and evolving it to the end product. Her depth of knowledge around new industry tools and practices combined with creative ideas helped contribute to superior results. I enjoyed learning from Brianne as much as collaborating with her and hope to find new projects in the future we can work together on.
— Brynje Enderly / Senior UX Designer at Nike
Brianne is one of the keenest minds working at the intersection of art, media, and technology. She understands not just what’s popular today, but what will interest people tomorrow. Over the course of 5+ years working together on dozens of projects, I was consistently impressed with her ability to synthesize client needs, market landscape, product scope, budget, timeline, and myriad production considerations, all the while maintaining a clear creative vision. A hybrid right-brain/left-brain creative achiever, Brianne has excellent taste and a highly developed ability to execute. She is passionate about making great work and exceeding expectations. Brianne is also fun to work with. Couldn’t recommend her more highly.
— Sara Berliner / Founder at Vote Like a Mother
Brianne has an innate ability, honed through ten thousand hours of practice, to use inductive reasoning, apprehend the whole picture, synthesize a solution, and then steadfastly move the practical design toward the ideal outcome she envisioned all along. She has a realistic awareness of what has failed in the past, broad and current industry knowledge, and a geeky enthusiasm for new ideas. It is rare for someone of vision to understand trivial details like hours worked or budget remaining, but Brianne is passionate about keeping things doable and profitable. She has great taste and natural style which are invaluable in a creative director. She’s got a sterling work ethic, but can also crack jokes or sing karaoke with the team. Finally, Brianne is a natural teacher and mentor to junior staff, and a clear communicator with clients and owners.
— Nat Sims / Founder at Night & Day Studios
I collaborated with Brianne on a number of books based on Night & Day apps—“Peekaboo Wild,” a bilingual edition of “Peekaboo Barn,” and “Peekaboo Barn Farm Day.” Brianne always shared great vision, communicated clearly, gave constructive critique, and was generally a pleasure to work with. I hope that one day we will work together again!
— Susanna Chapman / Designer at CandleWick Press