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BabyLit Jungle Book


BabyLit Jungle Book Hide and Seek


Adapted from the bestselling BabyLit board book series from publisher Gibbs Smith, Jungle Book Hide and Seek is a monoscopic VR search and find experience. (You don't need goggles to play.)

The Night & Day Studios team animated Alison Oliver's beautiful illustrations using traditional cel techniques, and then hid them in a layered 3D world. The app maps the player’s movements and matches tilts and turns, so you are part of the adventure, searching the wild for friends where they appear along with related Rudyard Kipling quotes. It's a great introduction to both literature and virtual reality.

The product has received much critical acclaim and has been consistently featured on the App Store since its release in 2014.

[Designed, built, and launched in 2014]

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  • Featured on the App Store 168 times

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Perfect for young kids! ★★★★★
My son loves this app! Makes him laugh

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Cool beginner VR for kids ★★★★★
I've always loved virtual reality tech but struggle to find age appropriate content for my kids. This app has a nifty VR feature that they love, searching the forest for animals and learning a little about each character.

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:) ★★★★★
This app integrates a timeless narrative with modern interactive technology, creating an experience both entertaining and accessible for the age group it targets.

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Super cute art and fun idea!
I love the Babylit books and this app doesn't disappoint. Cute art, sounds, and animation in a clever game. Won't keep my little ones occupied for hours but a fun diversion for a little while.

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