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Lemon Lumberjack's Lettermill


Lemon Lumberjack's Lettermill
Learn Letters, Match & Spell!


When American Greetings approached Night & Day with this property in book form, my team & I immediately loved the character design and word play. Because of the Lemon Lumberjack book’s focus on alliteration and language, we thought a letter matching game would be perfect for our early learning demographic. From there, a saw mill seemed a logical setting, as the title character is, after all, a lumberjack! We created silly animations from the static book art to capture the whimsy of characters like Tickles the Tattooed Tofu and Cassie the Cranky Candle.

Lemon Lumberjack is only available to the public as an app and digital sticker pack, but we hope it eventually reaches the market in other forms. I love this app and consider it one of our underappreciated gems.

[Version 1 designed, built, and launched in 2016]

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Creative Direction
Game Design
Play / UX Design
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Impressed ★★★★★
Haven't seen an alphabet/ spelling app in a while that does something different, but this one does, so it's refreshing. The art, music, & voices are truly adorable. My 7-yo finished all the free stuff so we did the $2.99 unlock and there's a LOT there. He would play it all night if we didn't make him put the phone down LOL

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Super fun app for kids ★★★★★
I was recommended this app by a friend of mine. I have to admit that I love it... And so does my kid! It's fun and educating at the same time. I have no problem letting her play on her own.

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Lemon Lumberjack is sweet! ★★★★★
Such a cute and clever app for kids. Really original and fun way to learn the alphabet. I feel really good letting the kids play with this app! It's a must download.

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Clever & Creative! ★★★★★
Great visuals, nice interface, intuitive & fun!

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