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Explore, Rescue, Protect


Based on the hit TV show from Disney Jr., Octonauts is a 3D underwater exploration experience that reflects the playfulness and educational focus of the show.

Built for children 5 years of age and under, the app features creature animations, photo missions, educational Creature Cards, two ocean zones, and a variety of mini-games designed around the show's theme, "Explore, Rescue, & Protect." 

VR mode (pictured below) is launching soon.

[Version 1 designed, built, and launched in 2016]

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Product Strategy
Creative Direction
Play / UX Design
Project & Account Management


App Store Statistics

  • Launched Nov 17, 2016

  • Universal


  • Played 205k times (opt-in only)

  • 997 MAU (opt-in only)

  • Featured on the App Store 553 times

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Amazing detail ★★★★★
This app is incredible. There is so much depth and detail to explore in the seascape. It feels like you are piloting the submarines within the actual tv show. It's all the more remarkable that this level of detail was achieved on an iphone. I wish more games put this much effort into the worlds they create.

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Happy Mom ★★★★★
My kids love this game so much! It's fun and educational at the same time, I don't even feel bad about too much screen time! I'm in love with the details and vibrant colors! 100%!

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This game’s pretty rad ★★★★★
Full disclosure: No connection to any developers or reviewers, and I think that super negative review is harsh and unfair. My 4.5 year old kid, who can read, totally digs this game after two weeks of playing it. It’s beautiful, it’s filled with all the Octonauts, and so many of the creature characters that appear in the cartoons. He says stuff like “Hey, that’s Parrotfish Pete” as he toodles around in the Gup going down into the midnight zone to see the vampire squid. 

I don’t buy games, but I bought this one despite the negative reviews, and I’m so glad I did. Keep it up devs! If you add an Octopod addition to this game like some other reviewer mentioned, I’d gladly pay for it. 

To the Launch Bay!

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Cool animations ★★★★★
I was stoked to see there's finally an Octonauts app. The animations are really cool. My little guys like the activities and selecting different GUPs to zoom around and check out the different zones.

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