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Peekaboo Barn


Peekaboo Barn
Meet Friendly Farm Friends!


Peekaboo Barn is a surprising twist on childhood’s oldest game, with charming animals that surprise and delight young imaginations. Launched in 2008 as one of the first preschool apps on the App Store, Peekaboo Barn has been a Top 25 Kids app ever since. Now available in board books from Candlewick Entertainment, a table-top game for age 2+ from Educational Insights, customizable print-on-demand gear from Zazzle, and plush toys from Rich Frog Industries!

Peekaboo Barn was originally developed and launched by Night & Day Studios in 2008. One of the first apps for young children on the App Store, Peekaboo Barn went on to help launch the kids category.

Since then the app has undergone many updates including the addition of multiple languages, a record your own voice feature, and my major rebranding effort in 2013 to prepare the app for licensing. Beyond the book, game, and toy deals above, new categories currently under discussion are TV and children’s furniture.

Research Validated

Researchers at the Illinois Institute of Technology studied Peekaboo Barn and published a paper praising the app for its successful approach to integrating play and learning.

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For more information on the Peekaboo Barn property visit the Peekaboo Barn website.

[Version 1 designed, built, and launched in 2008; major update in 2014]

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App Store Statistics

  • 750+ downloads
  • Played almost 100M times
  • 25k+ MAU (opt-in only)
  • Featured on the App Store 409 times

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Used in speech therapy ★★★★★
I’m not sure if the creator of this app knows how useful this app is in speech therapy. I use this with my preschoolers and my students with autism LOVE this app. I use it as a reinforcer! Thanks for helping me get through my sessions!

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Love It! (Well, my son does, anyway) ★★★★★
My eleven month old son loves this game. As I write this, he's cackling away, opening the barn doors and dancing. What impresses me most about this game, or whatever you want to call it, is the ease and intuitive nature of the interface. As I say, my son is eleven months old and has been able to figure this out more or less for himself. As a treat, once every couple of weeks, we're getting more of the titles in this series, but so far, Peekaboo Barn is the one to which he has had the strongest response. I credit it as much to his growing intelligence and inquisitive nature as I do to the developers behind this app in concocting something for even the youngest children. I thought it would be years before I'd be comfortable handing an iPad to my son (and to be frank, I don't like him staring at or playing with screens all day like I do) but when he's threatening to spill the dog's water all over the kitchen floor again, empty out the movie cabinet, or aggressively peruse our breakables, this makes a superb and immersive distraction. Highly recommended!

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Kids love it! ★★★★★
My three kids have all loved this app at age 18 mo to 3 years old. It's very simple for them to understand and it's a fun and interactive way to practice animal sounds with them! We love peekaboo barn!

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Fabulous ★★★★★
Love this app! My son started playing this at 8 months old, and it continues to be his favourite five months later. He's obsessed. Worth every dollar!! My go-to when he's fussy.

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The best interactive baby, toddler, preschool app. ★★★★★
My now 12-month-old granddaughter enjoys the animals, as did my grandsons about that age. It also enthralled a 2 year old who was tired of watching her 4 year old brother's preschool graduation ceremony! All ages were able to tap the barn to see the animals. None of the other 'Peekaboo' apps come close to the value of the 'Barn', because of its sweet ending.

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 I never leave reviews, but this app is great! ★★★★★
My 20 month old loves this app and he plays with it whenever he has the chance! He learns the names of the animals and the fact that kids say the names really grabs his attention. I bought all the peekaboo apps because this one was such a hit!

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