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Peekaboo Barn Farm Day


Peekaboo Barn Farm Day
Care for Friendly Farm Friends


In 2014 the Night & Day team wanted to create an experience for children who were still preschool aged, but had outgrown Peekaboo Barn. Our concept was a day at the farm. I had the entire art department, as well as our game designer and dev team, develop a long list of things you do at the farm—and how these activities could be converted to relatively simple gestures that would be achievable and satisfying for preschoolers.

There were several winners that made it to the final game. My dream of a milkable cow in an app finally became reality. We realized that the caregiving aspects of farming could help promote empathy and nurturing behaviors, and so we focused on those tasks. Humor was an essential strand of DNA from the original Peekaboo Barn, as well as an immersive sound design. Ultimately the style guide and concepts for Farm Day expanded the overall stories, characters, and situations of the brand, and still show up in new places such as the Peekaboo Barn board game.

[Designed, built, and launched in 2014]

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Adorable ★★★★★
This is a new hit in our house. My kids are playing it together on the iPad. Fave part: soothing the animals to sleep. So cute!!!

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So cute! ★★★★★
My son (3 yr old) loves this! It is a very sweet app for kids, will go great in our collection of go-to apps

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