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Yummico, a group of producers and TV show creators, approached Night & Day Studios with a partially developed world. We worked with them to design a game experience that was appropriate for a preschool audience and would showcase all the major characters. Encouraging kids to seek out a wider array of healthy food choices was the goal of the game design; the idea of "eating the rainbow" remains a pillar of the property's educational objectives.

While Yummico's end goal was TV and physical consumer products, they felt that an app was the best way to launch the brand. The product was well received by the public and immediately received critical acclaim. It's been continuously featured on the App Store since its launch in 2013 and helped Yummico to crowdfund their television show, currently in development.

[Version 1 designed, built, and launched in 2013]

Roles & Responsibilities

Game Concept Development
Game Design / Play Design
Project & Account Management


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  • 116k+ downloads
  • Played 200k+ times (opt-in only)
  • 1.3k MAU (opt-in only)
  • Featured on the App Store 253 times

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Great App ★★★★★
My kids love it!

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Our Favorite App ★★★★★
First downloaded this for a trip and my son loved playing with it on the plane. The intro video grabbed his attention right away and he loves playing all the way through to see the carnival at the end. Love that you can turn the snack attack off since he didn't really like that part.

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This game is amazing ★★★★★
I love this game so much. My kids love it even more. It is fun, educational, and beautifully animated. If you don't have it, get it. Yumiloo rules!!!!!!!

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Great Game! ★★★★★
My daughter loves this game. I love it cause it's educational and the graphics and music are great. Definitely worth it!

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